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Procedure Time

30 minutes (estimated)

Used to treat

To tighten loose, Lax and Wrinkled skin, Eliminate fat and improve skin elasticity

Areas treated

Face, Neck, Arm, Knees, Thighs and Legs

No Needle

Numbing cream if requested

Full Recovery

24 – 48 hours (estimated)

London Beauty Clinic Presents: Experience the Future of Beauty with EXION in London

Introducing EXION – Innovative Skin Rejuvenation from Head to Toe

Discover the cutting-edge EXION device by BTL, a revolutionary machine featuring four distinct applicators. This state-of-the-art technology offers the latest advancements in skin treatments, addressing various concerns across 23 different areas of your skin, from head to toe.

Whether you desire the latest RF Microneedling technology enhanced with artificial intelligence for optimal skin rejuvenation or seek to improve your intimate health, the EXION machine is your answer. Schedule a consultation with Victoria’s premier EXION provider, London Beauty Clinic, to explore the endless possibilities. Reach us now at (Insert Phone Number) and experience how EXION can transform your skin where it matters most.

Unlock the Power of EXION RF Microneedling

EXION RF Microneedling represents the forefront of radiofrequency microneedling technology. This groundbreaking technique harnesses the power of traditional monopolar radiofrequency (RF) energy in conjunction with innovative artificial intelligence for precise energy delivery. The result? EXION’s extended mode, reaching up to an unprecedented 8mm depth without full needle insertion, delivering maximum results with unparalleled comfort and personalized treatments, all without the typical discomfort of deep tissue procedures.

EXION Face treatments combine patented Radiofrequency energy and Targeted Ultrasound to provide thermal and mechanical stress to fibroblasts in the deeper reticular dermis. This stimulates the production of Hyaluronic Acid, collagen, and elastin, enhancing overall skin health and delivering progressive results that continue to improve weeks after each treatment.

The EXION Face Applicator is a non-invasive breakthrough that leverages radiofrequency energy and targeted ultrasound to boost Hyaluronic Acid and improve skin laxity. This innovative applicator stimulates fibroblasts in the dermis without needles, making it ideal for delicate areas like around the eyes, which traditional RF Microneedling devices cannot treat.

Benefits of EXION Face

  • Effective treatments for the face, neck, and delicate areas like the decolletage and around the eyes
  • Combines RF and targeted ultrasound technology
  • Increases collagen and elastin production
  • Boosts Hyaluronic Acid production by 224%
  • Addresses wrinkles and skin laxity
  • Recommended 4 treatment sessions

EXION Body treatments utilize the same energy combination as face treatments but with a larger applicator, making it possible to target and contour challenging areas of the body. Say goodbye to the bra bulge, banana roll under the buttocks, and stubborn fat pockets on the knees with the help of the EXION Body applicator. It’s your key to achieving a more contoured and improved body appearance.

Benefits of EXION Body

  • Addresses skin laxity in larger body areas
  • Incorporates active skin cooling for deeper skin layer treatment
  • Targets localized volume reduction in hard-to-reach areas like the bra bulge, under the buttocks, and knees
  • Recommended 4 treatment sessions

Behold the remarkable before and after images showcasing the transformative effects of EXION RF Microneedling. Patients experience remarkable improvements in their skin using this single-pass and minimally invasive microneedling device. As always, individual experiences may vary depending on their unique skin characteristics.


Why Choose London Beauty Clinic For Your Exilis Skin Tightening Treatment

London Beauty Clinic is the home of the most advanced non-invasive aesthetic treatments available in the world. We don’t believe you need to expose yourself to the risks and astronomical costs of surgery to achieve outstanding, life-changing results in your appearance.

Choosing a doctor-led aesthetic clinic is vital for protecting your long-term wellbeing and ensuring your treatment is delivered safely and to the highest-standard by a General Medical Council (GMC) registered medical professional who is qualified to understand anatomy in a way that a regular beauty therapist simply cannot.

Here, you’ll find some of the best cosmetic doctors in the UK all under one roof and we guarantee you’ll feel supported from the moment you walk through our doors right through to completing your aftercare and beyond. 

Looking for a superior skin tightening treatment in London? Look no further!

Exion Benefits

  • EXION Fractional RF treatment can treat a variety of areas on both the face and body. Some of the most common areas that can be treated include the face, neck, arms, abdomen, thighs, and back.
  • Typically, a noticeable improvement can be observed about one month after the treatment, while the most significant results are often reported three months after the last session.
  • Clinical studies evaluated safety and efficacy on all skin types.
  • Everybody can benefit from improvement in skin texture, however the treatment can be especially beneficial for those concerned with wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks and old injury scars.

Exion Before & After

With Exion BTL London, results can be seen immediately but are even more noticeable in the weeks following the treatment. See what’s possible by checking out these before and after photos – real patients treated by real doctors.

Exion BTLPrice

A free consultation is provided as a standard on all our treatments to give you peace of mind. 

Consultations can be over the phone or in-person, whichever suits you best, and are conducted by an expert who will run through your, explain the procedure and demonstrate the equipment.

All Exion London sessions are 30 minutes and the price is broken down according to the size of the treatment area:



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Exion 1 Area Face/Body

From £250

Exion RF Microneedling 1 Session


Exion RF Microneedling 4 Sessions

Duration 30 minutes



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Both clinics are serviced by excellent public transport connections or close to many local multi-storey parking amenities.

A quick Google search of ‘Exion near me’ or ‘London Beauty Clinic near me’ will take you straight to our doors where we’re waiting to welcome you, 7 days a week.