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Procedure Time

10-60 mins for face, 10-85 mins for body

Used to treat

Vascular (Rosacea, Broken Capillaries, & Thread veins) Pigmentation (Sun damage, freckles, sun spots) Skin Rejuvenation Stretch Marks Skin Resurfacing

Areas treated

face, abdomen, upper arm area, bra roll area, thighs, buttocks, knee area and more.

results seen from

Immediate, optimal result after 30 days

Full Recovery

Full result within 30 days

Stellar M22: Advanced Skin Rejuvenation

Why Choose London Beauty Clinic for Your Stellar M22 Treatment in London

London Beauty Clinic, in collaboration with Lumenis, we are thrilled to offer you the remarkable M22 laser treatments. Our esteemed doctors have received direct training from the Lumenis Team themselves, ensuring that you receive the highest level of expertise and care.

Our M22 laser system is highly effective in addressing a wide range of concerns. From acne and hair removal to vascular issues such as Rosacea, Broken Capillaries, and Thread Veins, as well as pigmentation problems including Sun Damage, Freckles, and Sun Spots, we have the right solution for you. Additionally, our treatments encompass skin rejuvenation, laser tattoo removal, and even stretch mark reduction.

In addition to its ability to rejuvenate the skin,this laser technology has been specifically designed to reduce the appearance of Rosacea, providing relief and improved skin texture.


What is Stellar M22 IPL by Lumenis?

The Stellar M22 is one of the most advanced, intelligent skincare innovations in this universe or any other.

With four technologies in one platform, you can treat over 30 skin conditions and hair removal.
Stellar M22 is fully upgradable, giving you infinite possibilities.

Stellar M22, developed by Lumenis, is a versatile and powerful platform that combines multiple technologies to deliver remarkable skin rejuvenation treatments. This state-of-the-art device utilizes intense pulsed light (IPL) and laser technologies to target specific skin issues effectively. Whether you struggle with sun damage, hair, pigmentation irregularities, vascular lesions, or signs of aging, Stellar M22 has the solution for you

Combination treatment

Lumenis, the inventor of Intense Pulse Light (IPL), has recently introduced the M22 Stellar, the 6th generation of their Multi-Application IPL platform. This cutting-edge technology offers a comprehensive solution for a wide range of skin conditions, providing everything you need in one platform. The results achievable with the M22 Stellar have been clinically proven.

With the M22 Stellar, you can effectively treat various skin conditions, including:

Vascular (Rosacea, Broken Capillaries, & Thread veins)
Pigmentation (Sun damage, freckles, sun spots)
Skin Rejuvenation
Stretch Marks
Skin Resurfacing

Thanks to its industry-leading technology, previously untreatable conditions can now be addressed with the M22 Stellar. This platform has set a new standard for skin rejuvenation, offering advanced solutions that deliver exceptional results.

Building upon the success of the original M22, a gold-standard in the industry, the M22 Stellar raises the bar and establishes a new benchmark for skin treatments and outcomes. This latest device surpasses its predecessor in terms of patient results, providing improved efficacy and faster treatment times. The technology has been upgraded, enhancing both speed and reliability. With its versatility in addressing over 30 skin conditions, ranging from stretch marks to thread veins, the M22 Stellar truly speaks for itself.

Experience the power of the M22 Stellar and discover the transformative effects it can have on your skin. This state-of-the-art platform from Lumenis ensures that you receive top-quality treatments and impressive results, setting a new standard in the field of aesthetic skincare.

Stellar Lumenis M22

Why Photofractional/Photofabulos?

  • Tailored treatment for early signs of aging
  • Addresses pigmentation, age/sun spots, fine lines, and overall skin appearance
  • Provides noticeable results

How does it work? Photofractional technology:

  • Combines IPL and ResurFX™ technologies in one session
  • IPL removes pigmentation and blood vessels
  • ResurFX™ stimulates collagen and elastic fiber production for radiant, youthful skin

The treatment:

  • Topical numbing cream and air cooling for comfort
  • Session lasts 15-30 minutes
  • Warm or prickling sensation during treatment, but gentle and comfortable

What is it? Stellar M22™ Photofractional™ solution:

  • Complete skin rejuvenation treatment
  • Targets age and sun spots, fine lines, acne scars, uneven texture, and tone
  • Combines IPL and ResurFX™ for sequential treatment of skin tone and texture

Is it right for me?

  • Not suitable for active infections, viral/fungal/bacterial diseases, inflammatory skin conditions, or skin cancer
  • Risks may include redness, swelling, pigmentation changes, and scarring
  • Consult with your treatment provider before choosing this treatment

What should I expect?

  • Deep collagen regeneration over multiple treatments
  • Visible improvement in skin texture and fine lines after about 3 sessions
  • Optimal results after 3-5 sessions in 2-6 weeks intervals

After treatment:

  • Temporary redness or swelling may occur
  • Swelling diminishes within hours, redness fades within days
  • Resumption of daily activities on the same day
  • Sunscreen and sun avoidance advised for a few weeks

Why IPL for Rosacea?

A fast, yet gentle treatment that visibly improves redness, flushing, small blood vessels, and overall skin appearance by stimulating collagen and elastic fiber production.

How does it work?
The technology behind Stellar M22™ IPL:
The IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology allows for the treatment of Rosacea symptoms such as flushing, redness, and visible blood vessels, while also improving the overall appearance of the skin. Stellar M22™ IPL with Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT™) enables your clinician to customize the treatment based on your skin type, severity of the condition, and desired results, ensuring maximum safety. The light pulses penetrate the tissue, generating heat inside the blood vessels, which leads to the closure of the vessel walls and eventual disappearance.

The treatment:
Before the treatment, your physician will apply a thin layer of clear gel to the treatment area. Depending on your specific concern, the session can last between 15-30 minutes. You may feel a warm sensation as the light is applied to your skin, but the treatment is gentle and should not cause discomfort.

What should I expect?
Intense pulses of light are delivered through the light guide with integrated cooling, ensuring maximum comfort. The filtered light specifically targets blood vessels beneath the skin surface. The Stellar M22™ IPL Rosacea treatment gradually reduces redness, flushing, and visible small blood vessels over a series of treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

When will I see results?
The results of the Stellar M22™ IPL Rosacea treatment become noticeable as redness, flushing, and small blood vessels are toned down over time, with treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

What can I expect after treatment?

Immediately following the treatment, you may experience some additional redness, depending on your customized treatment settings. However, this redness typically fades within a day or two. In most cases, you can apply makeup immediately after the treatment, and daily activities can be resumed on the same day. Your physician will advise you to avoid sun exposure for a few days after the treatment and to apply sunscreen until the next planned session.

Why IPL Acne Solution?

Gentle IPL Acne Treatment:

  • Eliminates bacteria within pores
  • Improves skin appearance
  • Alternative to oral medication
  • Boosts self-confidence with minimal downtime

How does it work? IPL Acne Technology:

  • Delivers controlled pulses of intense light
  • Targets bacteria and inflamed sebaceous glands
  • Minimizes discomfort and thermal damage

The treatment:

  • Cold coupling gel ensures comfort
  • Session lasts 15-20 minutes with a warm sensation

What is it? Stellar M22™ Acne solution:

  • Enhances skin appearance and reduces acne
  • Treats redness and pigmentation
  • Non-invasive with fewer side effects than oral medication


Is it right for me?

  • Not suitable for active viral/fungal skin conditions or skin cancer
  • Risks may include redness, swelling, and pigmentation changes
  • Consult with your treatment provider before choosing this treatment

What to expect?

  • Short pulses of intense light penetrate skin layers
  • 4-6 sessions with 4-week intervals for improvement
  • Temporary redness may occur after treatment, usually fades within hours

After treatment:

  • Makeup can be applied immediately
  • Resumption of daily activities on the same day
  • Sunscreen and sun avoidance may be advised for a few weeks

Why IPL Hair Removal?

A clinically validated treatment to reduce hair growth in various areas for smooth, beautiful skin.

How does it work?

IPL Hair Removal technology selectively targets hair follicles with controlled pulses of light, damaging their regrowth potential without harming surrounding tissue.

Before treatment, the clinician shaves the area and applies a cold gel. During treatment, you may feel a slight stinging or warm sensation. Much of the hair is wiped off with the gel, and the remaining hair sheds over the next week or two.

What is it?

The Stellar M22™ IPL Hair Removal solution effectively reduces hair growth, using unique IPL technology that targets hair follicles. Suitable for black, brown, and red hair.

Is it right for me? Stellar M22™ treatments have risks and contraindications. Consult with your treatment provider before choosing this treatment.


  • Results are typically seen after a series of four to six sessions.
  • Significant hair reduction is visible after the first session.

After treatment: You may experience slight redness or swelling, indicating a positive response to treatment. Resume normal activities immediately. Sun protection is recommended.

Diagram: Intense pulses of light are delivered through the light guide, targeting hair follicles while ensuring maximum comfort.

Stellar Lumenis M22 - London
Stellar Lumenis M22 - London

Lumenis M22 Stellar IPL: Effective and Safe

Lumenis M22 Stellar IPL is a reliable and safe solution for various skin concerns. With its innovative technology, customizable filters, and continuous cooling, it provides an effective method of minimizing the appearance of pigmented lesions, fine lines, vascular lesions, rough skin texture, spider veins, pores, rosacea, skin irregularities, and sun damage.

The Stellar M22 IPL treatment utilizes Sapphire Cool Light Guides to ensure continuous cooling and maximize patient comfort during the procedure. Additionally, forced cold air cooling is applied to enhance the overall experience and minimize discomfort. The Lumenis M22’s optimal pulse technology further reduces treatment tenderness while maximizing results, offering a comprehensive and satisfactory skin rejuvenation solution.

Please note that Lumenis Stellar M22 products, including the M22 IPL and other resurFX laser treatments, are available for sale. Pricing details can be obtained by contacting authorized Lumenis distributors or reaching out to clinics offering Lumenis M22 treatments.

Achieve radiant and youthful-looking skin with the advanced technology of Lumenis M22 Stellar IPL. Consult with a qualified professional to determine if Stellar M22 IPL is the right treatment option for your specific skin concerns and enjoy the benefits of smoother, healthier, and more refreshed skin.

What is it?
The Stellar M22™ IPL for Rosacea treatment:
This treatment effectively addresses Rosacea symptoms, improving skin appearance, reducing redness and flushing, and eliminating skin imperfections while stimulating collagen and elastin fiber production. Stellar M22™ Rosacea treatment utilizes Lumenis’ IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology with OPT™ to precisely target the vascular condition.



Is it right for me?

Stellar M22™ treatments are not suitable for everyone and carry some risks. IPL treatment for Rosacea is not recommended if you have active infections, viral, fungal, or bacterial diseases, inflammatory skin conditions, or skin cancer. Risks may include redness, swelling, changes in pigmentation, and scarring. It is essential to consult with your treatment provider before choosing this option.

In addition to our comprehensive treatment options, we also utilize the 1565nm ResurFX laser, which is specifically indicated for use in various dermatological procedures. This advanced laser technology allows us to achieve exceptional outcomes in the following areas:

  • Coagulation of soft tissue
  • Skin resurfacing procedures
  • Treatment of striae (stretch marks)
  • Treatment of dyschromia, including conditions like Lentigines and Melasma
  • Improvement of periorbital wrinkles
  • Reduction of acne scars
  • Minimization of surgical scars

By incorporating the 1565nm ResurFX laser into our treatments, we can address a wide range of skin concerns and provide you with remarkable results. Our skilled practitioners will customize the treatment based on your specific needs, ensuring that you receive the most effective and appropriate care.

Throughout your ResurFX sessions, our team will closely monitor your progress, adjust the treatment parameters as necessary, and provide you with the necessary aftercare instructions. Our goal is to ensure your comfort, safety, and satisfaction as we work together to help you achieve your desired aesthetic outcomes.


Why choose London Beauty Clinic for your Stellar M22 in London

Choose London Beauty Clinic and experience the transformative power of our advanced M22 Lumenis laser treatments.

Our doctors, trained directly by the Lumenis Team, are ready to provide you with exceptional care and guide you towards achieving your desired aesthetic goals.

Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients are saying on Trust Pilot.


Photofabulous Before and After

At London Beauty Clinic, we understand the importance of effective treatments and personalized consultations. That’s why we encourage you to schedule a consultation in advance, allowing our knowledgeable professionals to assess your unique needs and provide tailored recommendations.

Stellar Lumenis M22 - London
Stellar Lumenis M22 - London
Stellar Lumenis M22 - London
Stellar Lumenis M22 - London
Stellar Lumenis M22 - London
Stellar Lumenis M22 - London

Acne Treatment Before and After

Pigmentation Before and After

VascularTreatment Before and After

Stellar M22 Near Me London, Victoria

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With two clinics located in central London, it couldn’t be easier to reach us.

This tube stop is served by the Piccadilly Line which is a quick connect
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Stellar M22™ treatments are not suitable for everyone and carry some risks. Therefore, we highly recommend starting the treatment with a personal free consultation with our qualified doctor. During the consultation, our doctor will assess your specific situation and determine if the Stellar M22™ treatment is appropriate for you. This personalized approach ensures your safety and maximizes the effectiveness of the treatment. Please schedule your free consultation with our qualified doctor to get started.

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