Procedure Time

30 minutes (estimated)

Used to treat

To heighten the lips rather than add excessive plumpness

Areas treated



Numbing cream if requested

Full Recovery

24 – 48 hours (estimated)

About treatment

What is Lip Enhancement?

The term Lip Enhancement, comes from the lip stacking dolls or matryoshka as they are called.

The goal is soft heart shape mouth, slightly lifted but not excessive like the “duck lip”.

This lip enhancement is achieved by injecting very small amounts of dermal filler vertically into the lip, as opposed to horizontal injections, used for regular lip filler treatments .


For best results

With the Lip Filler Technique, your lips will get plumped, lifted look with sharp.
This method can also be used for overall younger appearance of your facial features.
Lip enhancement last approximately 1 year, in some cases 2 years.
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Duration: 15 minutes.

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Lip Enhancement

Duration: 30 minutes

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What is Lip Enhancement?

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