About Us

About Us

London Beauty Clinic

London Beauty Clinics are located in Victoria and Finsbury park our new luxury private aesthetic clinics are in the heart of London with easy access from the London Underground.

Modern Technology

State-of-the-art equipment to give you effective, lasting results immediately. We use modern technology and latest innovations: no surgery, no pain, no needles. London Beauty Lasers uses scientific methods and biohacking for change that lasts.

Affordable Pricing

We strive to make quality treatments accessible to everyone. Treatments start at affordable price points. Check out our special offers here.

Dr Guias Mihaela

Our best aesthetics doctors in the UK, providing antiageing treatments in London. Book your consultation today.

Our team

The team at London Beauty Lasers is built by the top experts in the industry with a vast experience in the aesthetics and non-surgical procedures. Our experts are skilled within the latest beauty techniques such as stem cell facials and rejuvenation.

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For change that lasts. Book your appointment here or contact us today to schedule a free consultation and find out what we can do for you.

About Us

Science based approach for achieving timeless beauty

London Beauty Clinics are innovative beauty clinics using scientific methods and the newest cosmetic procedures. We have 2 locations Victoria and Finsbury Park in the heart of London. Both clinics are easy to access on the London Underground. Your transformation can start here. With the use of state-of-the-art equipment and revolutionary bio-hacking techniques, we are pioneers in making change easy, painless and surgery-free.


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Diagnosis accuracy

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our founder Giulia Tom combined years of experience and knowledge to raise the standards of the beauty industry and create an innovative clinic using the latest technologies as an alternative to surgery. We are strong believers that youthful appearance, health and wellness can be achieved without pain or surgery. We strive to revolutionise the industry and work with London’s expert doctors to provide the best non-surgical cosmetic procedures, laser treatments and bio-hacking techniques. Full list of services can be found here. Our mission doesn’t end there, as one of  London’s top clinics for non-surgical aesthetic treatments, we offer the latest technology for other businesses. Enquire here.

Giulia Tom

Founder - London Beauty Clinic

Dr. Samuel D Modzabi

General Practitioner


Beauty Therapist and Injector

Dr Guias Mihaela



Beauty Therapist and EMS Specialist

Dr. Razvan

Injector and trainer


Beauty Therapist & Consultant

Dr. Russo


Dr. Tatiana

Injector, Doctor


Beauty Therapist & Consultant

Dr Mario Goisis


Dr. Karolina Ulijonyte



Beauty Therapist & Consultant

Our mission is to help you achieve every beauty desire

London Beauty Clinic provides the most advanced technology and London’s most experienced doctors to help patients achieve lasting results safely.

We begin every client relationship with a private consultation. This is used to understand your conditions and goals so that we can recommend the best treatment plan custom to your unique condition.