Do Dermal Fillers Really Help in Removing Wrinkles?

Did you know that your skin is held tight by three vital chemicals—collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid? These components combine to create a firm and soft meshwork under the skin surface, keeping your skin surface firm and smooth. But as you age, this meshwork slowly loses its integrity and your skin starts to wrinkle. Luckily, you […]

U Shape 111 Body Contouring VS VelaShape 111 Body Contouring

The non-invasive cosmetic market in the UK is nearing £3.6 billion. Since 2015, surgical procedures have declined, and non-surgical treatments are quickly rising.  The U Shape III is a non-surgical cosmetic option that is a part of the growing trend in the UK and globally. This simple device can help people shed fat while tightening their skin.  Many surgical […]